4 Ways the Sentry Mobile™ App
Improves Bridgeport Parking

published June 23, 2017

If you dread the thought of metered parking, in Bridgeport, you’re not alone. But finding and paying for a space doesn’t have to be time-consuming or stressful. Municipal Parking Services is changing metered parking for the better. The company’s Sentry Mobile™ app, which works with Bridgeport’s new Sentry™ smart meters, is the latest in a variety of smart technology innovations designed to make drivers’ lives easier and more convenient.

4 Benefits of the Sentry Mobile™ Parking App
Find Open Spaces

The Sentry Mobile™ app is one-of-a-kind, allowing you to find verified available on-street metered parking spaces at the new Sentry™ smart meters in Bridgeport from your mobile device. Never again will you have to drive around in search of an open space or wait for other drivers to leave a space. Instead, you can find open spaces directly from your phone. This saves you time and reduces congestion as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

In-Depth Directions

Once Sentry Mobile™ has found you an open space, the app directs you to the space. The turn-by-turn directions are clear and easy to follow. This is especially convenient if you are unfamiliar with downtown Bridgeport.

Convenient Payment

Sentry™ smart meters already offer you the choice to pay with coin or a debit/credit card. With the Sentry Mobile™ app, you can now make payments from your phone, and even make payments and add time to the meter remotely for times when you are away from your car.

Time Alerts

With time alerts, you’ll avoid parking tickets. The app will notify you of how much time you have left on your parking session so you can remotely add time to the meter if necessary. This app gives you full control over the parking meter at your fingertips. Municipal Parking Services is revolutionizing parking. In addition to the Sentry Mobile app, their Sentry parking meters provide efficient parking management and smart city analytics data while also offering added consumer features such as news feeds, weather alerts and emergency public service announcements. And for business owners, the Sentry Meters’ display screens also offer an attractive street-level outdoor advertising option. Learn more about the company and their services by visiting their website or call (651) 221-4496 to speak with a representative.