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On Street Smart Parking Meters

Friendly Features

Sentry Commerce allows nearby merchants to present special offers or rewards! A large and intuitive non glare touch screen offers several payment options including coin, credit and permit recognition. Municipalities can use the this platform for public service and safety messaging and analyze transaction data for policy making.

Sentry View

Sentryview provide detailed analytics on parking session, violation and compliance, revenue collection, capacity utilization and other key important data points in dashboard format. The charts and easy to view diagrams will also provide idea on trends and patterns for key stakeholder.

Big Data Analytics

  • Payment transactions
  • Occupancy data
  • Sensor data
  • Enforcement data
  • Length of stay data
  • Meter status, data and more

The parking industry remained unchanged for many years. But with the evolution and adoption of cellular technology which allowed parking meters to wirelessly communicate data from the parking meter to a centralized data mart, the role and relevance of big data and analytics increased. Today, parking programs are data rich, comprised of inter-related data points.
With the appropriate technological blend, this data can be analyzed and organized into usable information which customers then use to understand and predict customer behavior patterns. These in turn help cities to adjust and refine their pa rking programs in the following areas: Revenue Management, Efficiency Management, and Meter (Device) Management.

Safety & Messaging

  • E-911/311 messaging
  • Amber alerts
  • Scoff law detection
  • Stolen car
  • Help button
  • Voice and video help
  • Street sweeping/ Parade no parking
  • Weather
  • Snow Emergency


  • Advertising
  • Coupons
  • QR Codes
  • Full motion video
  • Grand openings
  • Point of interest

Comparison Chart

No cash out lay, tax increases or bonding to purchase and install
Free Sensors
No warranties for meter batteries
Time lapse photos of violators
Timestamp automatically determines violation for review
Dynamic and congestion pricing
Change messaging & pricing in real-time or by rule
Merchant Validation
Displays time put on meter with mobile device
Programable grace periods front and back of parking session
Time on meter resets when car leaves
Audio Enhanced Touch Screen (this is a new feature / enhancement that was just put into production – for example when you select credit card payment the meters tell you through the speaker “credit card payment selected”)
Automated Meter health checks of each device with distributed alerting to those that need to know (coin jams, canister full, tampering, impacts, etc.).
EZ pass recognition*
Accepts credit cards
Coin return when parking is free
Rejects slugs and Canadian coins
Permit recognition
Park & Go no pay billed parking
No fine feature credit card charged until you leave
Tru-up come back late and pay to avoid violation
Turn by turn direction to open spot
Free Smart phone app. No transaction fee to consumer
Both iPhone and Android versions
High speed connectivity to each meter
Reliable city electricity power no batteries required
Scoff law detection towing and booting
Reporting Metrics Big Data
Violatons issued
Payment methods
Daily ticket total
Meter cash outs
Weekly ticket total
External data factors e.g. Weather, Holiday, Event impact analysis
Meter full alerts
Color rotating ads for merchants on Meter
Video ads
QR codes coupons
Merchant Validation
Point of interest  
Street Cleaning
RESERVED Police Parking
Weather warnings / Parking ban!
Homeland security warnings
311 capability  
Video feeds and DVR playback
Three HD cameras
Stolen car
Amber alert
No monthy fee deducted from revenues
Monthly license fee deducted from profits
Transaction based
Uplift from credit cards
Guarranteed photo capture of violators 80% of time
Enables PEO allocation to higher value and nuisance offenses
No shiping cost for meters
Guarranteed compliance increases
Integrated hardware, software and reporting for city decision support, parking, commerce, messaging and public safety
Interface to legacy and third-party parking management systems**
 integration of on AND offstreet, mobile payments/enforcement
*EZ pass integration requires state DOT collaboration and integration fees may apply.    
** Third party integration fees may apply.