Changing the world one meter at a time

Sure, “Parking” is in our name. But don’t let that fool you. Everyone that lives, works and plays in a city environment is going to experience a big difference when they interact with a Sentry Meter. And the benefits are extensive.


Parking the way you would design it

No more coins if you don’t want to use them. You can use credit cards. No more running back to add time if you are running late. Use your mobile app. If you are just minutes short, don’t worry. We have a “grace period”. And if you’re not sure how much time you’ll need, simply buy “no fine” insurance which guarantees you don’t get a ticket. Permits are always recognized. You can select multiple languages, and if you get a fine, you can get a discount when you pay it right at the meter!

Unparalleled on-the-go technology

Now you can access your parking space with your mobile device! Pay simply by using the app with the touch of a key. Locate a vacant space even before you leave the house! Turn-by-turn navigation gets you to the parking space faster. See the amount of time you purchased on the actual meter and get an email confirmation instantaneously!

Safer more secure streets

High-definition, wide-angle cameras facing the streets and sidewalk make sure the area is always safe. And if you do need assistance, the built-in speakers and microphone give you direct access to help. Simply call 911, 311 or any other emergency number right from the meter with the touch of the screen Your security is always a top priority. That’s why every transaction is encrypted at the highest standards to keep your identity safe.


Communication that keeps you informed

Every meter is a direct link to the city. You’ll always know what’s going on in the community with instantaneous messages, weather warnings, Amber Alerts, street closures and community events. Plus, you’ll receive customized offers and discounts from local retailers. When’s the last time a meter actually saved you money!

And the team that manages the meters also get huge benefits

When there is an issue with the meter, a message gets delivered to the right person. This self-reporting feature lets officials know that the meter needs to be emptied of coins or serviced. Not only can we serve any parking configuration from streets to parking garages and lots, but also each meter can be managed and controlled individually from a sophisticated dashboard that reports on any number of tasks.

This is really just scratching the surface of what a Sentry Meter can do for you and your city. Our patented software built into every meter is changing the industry. The days of traditional parking meters are gone. Welcome to the parking meter that is already redefining the industry!