Is it a parking meter or a high tech computer?

Actually, it’s both! Nothing is more important than data – and the Sentry Total System Solution excels at capturing, delivering, analyzing and reporting data. Data translated into knowledge and intelligence leads to better decision-making. City officials are able to make more informed decisions that help improve city infrastructure based on information delivered by the Sentry Meter. This built-in, cloud-based data, analytics and administration platform is a patented software system no other parking solution can match.

User-friendly reports provide insights into the performance of a single meter, a street or an entire lot right at your fingertips. Customizable dashboards and powerful analytics allow you to identify patterns and trends in real time. Armed with that data, you can make fact-based decisions about everything from choosing the right meter locations to fairer pricing by space or time of day.

Although the Sentry Meter is a complete, end-to-end solution, third party applications can also be integrated. Each meter comes fully equipped with all the software, hardware, and applications needed to deploy a broad range of applications for tremendous benefit. If a third party application is requested, we can easily integrate it into the robust technology already built-in.