It all starts with parking

In the past, parking was about renting a space to put your car. But we have turned this into a highly-engaging, informative interaction that redefines how you think about parking. Consider this…there are approximately 160 million cars parked on any given day in North America. It’s no doubt that parking is a big part of our lives. Why not make it mean something more?

With the Sentry Meter, everyone will experience benefits in countless ways. Parkers, drivers, city officials, law enforcement, and businesses all have something to gain from a Sentry Meter. Anywhere from 10% to 70% of drivers in urban traffic are simply looking for parking. But the Sentry Meter has the ability to impact that by making parking more efficient. By enabling parkers to have more control over their parking space, turnover is faster and congestion is reduced making your city easier to drive.

And since the meters are hard-wired into the ground, they are always working and always communicating both to you and to the city. Each parking meter senses when a vehicle arrives or departs. While you are using the meter, many things are happening at once. From grace periods to buying time on-the-go, parking has never been so fair, friendly and flexible.