A smarter city is a safer city

You’re probably wondering, “How can a parking meter make my city safer”? Well, the people you rely on to keep your city safe are just a single touch screen away. Each meter is a direct link to law enforcement, emergency services and key city officials. If you need help of any kind, they can be easily reached right through the meter at the touch of a button ! Your vehicle is safe because if someone tampers with your car or the meter, it reports the activity to the right people.


What if there is an urgent message regarding community safety that needs to get to as many people as quickly as possible? Again, our meters do it. Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, Blue Alerts, weather warnings, unexpected congestion…anything you need to know and where you need to know it is delivered through the meter quickly and easily.

Think of each meter as a beacon of information that keeps you knowledgeable, up to date and to the things you need to know regarding your city, your commute and your vehicle. Now that’s how a parking meter should work!