It’s time to reinvent parking

The world’s first parking meter, known as Park-O-Meter No. 1, was installed at the corner of First Street and Robinson Avenue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on July 16, 1935. Aside from accepting credit cards not much has changed with parking meters in over 80 years. Until now!


Introducing the Sentry Total System SolutionTM, the world’s smartest, most comprehensive parking system, from Municipal Parking Services. So much more than a parking meter, our revolutionary technology has the ability to engage the community, increase safety and security and above all, enhance the parking experience in ways you never thought possible. The Sentry Meter provides additional eyes and ears for your community teams, police, fire and safety- always on and available to help serve. After seeing the Sentry Meter in action, you will never look at parking the same way again.

Why? Because at Municipal Parking Services, we know parking is tremendously important to just about everyone – to citizens who want convenience and simplicity, merchants who want to grow their businesses, law enforcement officers who need more help and communities that want to provide valuable services.

But, parking has not kept up with our changing world – meters are outdated, unsophisticated, frustrating and built to simply accept money in exchange for renting space. All around us, technology is improving our lives….but rarely when it comes to parking.

That’s why we built a platform to enable great community change. We started with a parking meter but added so much more — high powered, always on, internet connected computers, tablets, servers, cameras, mobile applications, motion sensors, speakers and microphones, all wrapped into one, built to deliver an incredible customer experience for everyone! Our ultimate goal is to help people and communities become smarter, safer and more connected.