Big Useful Data

It's not enough to just talk about the "Big Data" buzzword.  Large, complex data sets that are difficult to process, or see trends are useless Big Data.  How much of the data is useful? Data that you can actually make important decisions on that will lead to a better outcome for a municipality and it's constituents?  Citizens, parkers, merchants, public safety professionals all have an interest. Key Performance Indicators of your parking system are all here.  Using our SentryView dashboard you can visualize the status how things are working right now.  Export data easily to your favorite business analytics tool.  We have this data...and now so can you!  Contact for more information.


Occupancy Data

Not just "something drove by here" data, but actually how many vehicles stopped, how long did they stay and all in real-time.  Current parking session status.  Heat maps that will show you a replay of the day/week/month.  Raw data to export to your favorite reporting tool.  Let your merchants know about turn over metrics in their vicinity, and with our Merchant Validation portal they be able to connect parking data with actual economic activity.

Pedestrian Data

How many people are walking right here?  How long did they dwell?  Did they get close to a meter and look at it?.  What's a typical 3pm in a location look like?  Is today typical or different?  Are policy changes having the desired effects re-routing your pedestrian flow?  If you create a ride sharing drop-off zone are you having the desired effect, or creating more congestion?  This is useful data you'll be able to analyze.

Pollution DATA

Are you helping the quality of life in your green city by using Sentry's unique congestion based pricing and congestion based maxtime to reroute traffic to areas that are less congested.  Are you letting your parkers know in real-time where the available spaces are?  Use Sentry's unique on-street parking reservation system to incentivize parkers to go where you want them to.  Then analyze the pollution data with a high granularity to let you know the results..