Municipality Managers

The Mayor, City Council members, and other management staff in any municipality are faced with countless challenges.  One of the primary challenges is ensuring there is sufficient revenue for infrastructure and maintenance.  Other challenges are ensuring that downtown businesses have a smooth flow of customers, and that those customers have convenient and safe access to the entire downtown area.


The Sentry Solution

The Sentry parking system is a complete end-to-end solution that helps municipality managers solve all of their challenges.  Increasing parking compliance, reducing parking administrative costs, increasing public safety, and increasing merchant engagement -- All of these can be accomplished swiftly and expertly with Sentry by MPS.



At Your Fingertips

Increased Parking Compliance

Regardless of the countless number of studies that have been conducted -- Studies that have proven that parking availability increases when the "right" price is charged for parking -- There is something in human nature that makes a large percentage of the population attempt to park without paying.  The Sentry system enforces a simple contract between your municipality and your parkers:  If you pay the stated rate for parking, you will be rewarded with safe and highly available parking.  If you fail to adhere to local parking regulations, you will receive a violation - every time.

This "contract" between your municipality and the parkers, like any contract, benefits both parties: it ensures safe and available parking for the parkers, a steady flow of customers for the merchants, and an appropriate revenue stream for the municipality.  Furthermore, the Sentry system penalizes those people that need to be penalized - the parkers who refuse to abide by the contract.  The Sentry meters used in this manner result in increased compliance.

UsING modern parking enforcement modes in your municipality

The Sentry system uses patented Automated Enforcement technology where your PEO's safely maintain full control over the approval of parking violations.

With Automated Enforcement the Sentry System accurately monitors the parking spaces using a number of leading-edge technologies.  Parkers who park  but refuse to pay for the time used will automatically have violation evidence gathered for review by municipal PEO's from the comfort and safety of their office.  No longer is the PEO pounding the street, or stuck in traffic chasing violators playing a non-productive game.  As parkers quickly realize gambling that a PEO will not get to their vehicle is a losing bet, compliance skyrockets.

In municipalities where it is critical to support both the new MPS meters and your existing legacy meters, MPS offers a tablet-based "Officer App" and customer-facing mobile apps.  This combination allows your parkers to purchase time either on MPS meters or legacy meters, and allows officers to enforce the legacy meters easily.


Total Solution

The Sentry system eliminates the need for municipalities to run separate systems for Parking, Revenue, Enforcement, and Maintenance - Sentry manages everything with one completely integrated solution.