Lets Talk Green

Sentry was built from the ground up for smarter cities and eco-smart parking.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is making it possible to make cities greener, safer and more efficient. By connecting devices, vehicles and infrastructure everywhere in a city, governments and their partners can reduce energy, keep people moving efficiently, and improve safety and quality of life. Seriously battle congestion with industry unique tools like congestion based pricing, congestion based max-time and on-street reserved parking.  It may seem a bit surreal to be talking about your parking system being able to provide more advanced features than taking a credit card or mobile payment, but with Sentry the future is now.

MPS Sentry with EV Charger_2 .png

EV Charging

By 2025 25% of all vehicles sold will be electric.  Will your city be ready?  How about a parking system with integrated EV charger amenity for your residents and visitors driving traffic to your local downtown businesses, boosting your downtown economy helping you meet emerging government regulations and establishing your city as a green leader?  Improve the parking experience.  Sentry can do that TODAY.



Through our partnership with AerNos announced at CES 2018 you can have hundreds, or thousands, of advanced nano sensors monitoring the air quality in your smart city providing advanced health and wellness data on air quality and air pollution.  You'll also have access to security data related to chemical warfare and disease detection.  Think about a parking system smart enough to direct your parking away from congestion and higher pollution areas.  Sentry can do that TODAY.


SENSORS, sensors, and more sensors

Sentry's enterprise quality power and network infrastructure allows for quick and easy integration of new and interesting IoT sensor applications as they become available.  Think of applications like monitoring noise levels, electromagnetic field levels feeding their data into your smart cities analytics and monitoring dashboards.