Paul Revere

Today marks the 200  anniversary  of Paul Revere’s death.  Some could argue that if it were not for his bravery -we here in America would be speaking with a British accent today.  Of  course Revere is best known for his mid night ride signaling the surprise  attack  of the British Red Coats.  He did his job and the minutemen were ready.

I doubt the thought of where  Paul Revere would park  his horse when he arrived in Lexington and Concord ever crossed his mind   The funny thing is 200 years after his death and 80 years after the parking meter was invented the rules about parking your horse and cleaning up for your horse are still on the books. 

Paul Revere could never have imagined  riding  down Broadway St in the City named after him Revere, MA today.  I’m sure he could not have imagined the need for a mobile phone to  look  for a spot for his horse but if he did,  I think he would be happy  to quickly find a spot and be on his way thanks to the MPS Mobile App.   In 1818  Revere didn’t have to worry about paying for his spot.  Of course we thought of that too.   With the Municipal Parking Sentry Meter  Great Patriot Paul Revere could have found the spot and paid for the spot during a recent pilot.