Supporting Local Merchants

The Sentry system provides numerous benefits to local Merchants.  Besides the obvious benefit of increased parking availability, the Sentry System supports on-street advertising, e-coupons, and traffic measurement.


On Street Advertising

Merchants can participate in an on-street advertising program that has no equal.  The Sentry Meters can display highly-targeted advertising directly where it is most needed - in front of the people who are parking or walking near your store right this very minute!


merchant validation program

The MPS Sentry system allows Merchants to engage with parkers in a way never before possible. Merchants can create offers that benefit parkers and drive traffic to their stores. Parkers are able to be reimbursed for parking on the spot.  By participating with "SentryBux" merchants can encourage nearby parkers to visit their store for instant parking validation!



Merchants who participate in the MPS Merchant program have on-line access to "traffic reports" that provide detailed information about the parking activity around their business.  No other parking system provides such clear, current, and actionable information that merchants can use to gauge the level of foot traffic around their business.