The Best Parker Experience

We at MPS understand there's an important factor that's often overlooked when municipalities implement a paid parking system.  The customer...the parker.  We looked at existing solutions, things that have been passed off as "innovative" and customer "pleasing" are pretty much the same boring things.  The bar is pretty low.  Allow parkers to pay with a credit card, or if the system really wants to present it self as high tech, the ability to pay with a mobile app on your phone.  We decided lets really innovate and lets really bring something to the game that will change how people actually interact, or in this case, do not interact, with parking systems.

Meet MPS Concierge AutoPay

How about paying for parking where you're not required to plug a coin, swipe a credit card, or play around with a phone app?  How about paying for parking by doing absolutely nothing??  That's impossible right?  My plastic meter can't do that and the vendor told me it's the smartest meter on the market.  It's not impossible!  It's here now!  MPS Concierge AutoPay provides the parker the ability to park their vehicle and walk away.  The Concierge AutoPay service will take care of your parking session from there.  Don't worry if your phone is in a cellular dead zone and you can't add time to your session, the Concierge AutoPay takes care of you, paying for what you used and debiting your mobile account.  It does everything except bring you a warm towel.  There's nothing easier than doing nothing!