Sick of driving around looking for a parking spot?

The Sentry parking system is the most parker-friendly system on the planet. Through our years of experience we have listened to parkers and created numerous features and benefits that make finding parking, paying for parking, staying on top of the news, interacting with merchants, and finding your car at the end of the day easy and fun.


Sentry Mobile Consumer App

The Sentry Mobile Consumer app is available for both Android and IOS platforms.  The Sentry Mobile app gives every parker current real-time feedback on every parking space in the municipality - whether that space is at an on-street meter or in an MPS-managed lot.

The Sentry Mobile app also allows you to quickly pay for parking at your selected meter, see how much time is remaining on your parking session, receive alerts when your session is about to end, and even find your car at the end of the day!

The Sentry Mobile Consumer app acts as a "stored value" card:  Parkers load their account with a single credit card transaction.  As parkers use the consumer app to pay for parking, their balance is adjusted automatically and is always easily viewable.

Users also have the ability to receive offers from nearby merchants and, when working with participating merchants, have their parking "validated" using SentryBux provided by the merchant!

Benefits to the Parker

  • Quickly find available spaces in real-time (not "estimates" based on historical parking)
  • No more driving around hunting for available spaces
  • Know how many spaces are available in nearby lots
  • Setup multiple vehicles in your account
  • Clearly view the current rates and available parking duration for your selected meter
  • Receive alerts prior to parking session expiration
  • Use "SentryBux" from participating merchants to receive free or discounted
  • Turn-by-turn walking directions back to your car with "Where's my car?"
  • Ability to pay at legacy (non-MPS) meters using the Consumer App (if permitted by the municipality)

The Consumer Concierge Program

The touch-less "Consumer Concierge" program is an industry first and brought to you only by MPS!  When you enroll in the consumer concierge program, you are basically given a "citywide parking pass" - you simply drive up to any MPS meter, park, and walk away.  The MPS meter will automatically detect your car, realize that you are in the Concierge program, and send money directly to that meter from your MPS account - all without any intervention from you at all!  No more fiddling with the mobile application, or searching for coins or credit cards.

In fact, if you are enrolled in the consumer concierge program, you will never receive a violation at any MPS meter as long as you do not exceed that meter's "Maximum time" and you do not park during a no-parking time.

The Consumer Concierge Program brings many benefits to the Parker:

  • Never dig around looking for coins or credit cards
  • No need to fiddle with the mobile application to pay for your parking
  • Push notifications confirming that your concierge payment has been received
  • Warnings when your balance is low
  • Convenient monthly billing


PP Handicap.jpg

Sentry Meter On Screen Features

The Sentry Meters are equipped with large well-lit (easily visible during day and night) touch-screen displays.  Our meters automatically update routinely throughout the day to bring parkers the latest relevant information:

  • Weather updates
  • Local Business News
  • Local Entertainment News
  • Current parking schedule and rates clearly summarized
  • Amber Alerts active in your area pushed immediately to every meter in the municipality (an industry first!)
  • General public service announcements
  • Advertisements from nearby Merchants


Handicap Parking Support

The Sentry Meters support local Handicap parking policies.



In addition to all of the above features, all MPS meters work in English, Spanish and one other language (selected by the municipality).  Parkers simply touch a button to change the language and all on-screen displays, prompts, help text, and audio changes to your selected language.  Some of the languages we include:

  • Spanish
  • Nepali
  • Portugese
  • Korean