A game-changer for Public Safety

Police and Fire departments have a lot to gain by utilizing the Sentry parking system.  Our meters can be plumbed into your security infrastructure and e911 network.  Effectively turning every single parking meter into a way for a pedestrian to request emergency assistance!  The Sentry MPS meters have many additional industry unique Public Safety benefits - contact your salesperson for more information about our innovative Public Safety features.


Parker Assistance

A lower level of urgency than E-911 is the "Parking Assistance" button.  Parkers pressing this button have a two-way live call established with a professional that can provide assistance or answer questions.


Emergency warnings and E-911 assistance

The Sentry parking system has the ability to broadcast important notices to every meter and kiosk in your community at a moments notice.  The Sentry system also includes a fully-fledged and secure developer API that IT staff and third-party vendors can use to communicate with the meters and the entire Sentry system.

If you have E-911 available in your municipality, the Sentry Parking system can be integrated into your E-911 system for 911 service directly from the meter.  Imagine if every single parking meter in your city was also a means for a pedestrian to quickly summon assistance!


Automated Amber Alerts

The Sentry Parking system monitors the nationwide Amber Alert network constantly throughout the day.  Any new Amber Alerts (issued for kidnappings and domestic violence) that are created in your municipality will automatically be formatted into an appropriate display, and automatically be sent to every single Sentry Meter in your municipality.