Sentry SafetyStick and ParkingStick


The Sentry SafetyStick allows you to deploy the Sentry automated enforcement capabilities to protect your no parking areas, fire hydrants, crosswalks, loading zones.  

If you like multi-space configurations, the Sentry ParkingStick is paired with a Sentry kiosk and has you covered.

MPS SafetyStick

MPS SafetyStick


the MPS SafetyStick

Our SafetyStick (above) is a prime example of our philosophy of continual innovation.  The SafetyStick is able to stand alone in non-parking locations and was designed in response to customer complaints about parkers blocking fire hydrants, clogging bus lanes, school crosswalks, and no parking zones.  The SafetyStick monitors these areas and provides real-time enforcement with minimal cost while looking clean and modern on your street.

Ride Share Loading Zones

How about auto-enforcing ride sharing loading zones.  Only allow in vehicles that you approve, and all others receive an automatic violation after the configurable grace period expires.  Sentry SafetyStick provides you the ultimate control.  Pair with a Sentry meter to allow custom messaging in the loading zones as well as additional security infrastructure.