Sentry Lots

Automated LPR-based revenue and access control.


Gated Lots
Gated Lots using the Sentry Kiosks increase lot revenue and decrease customer complaints.


Parking Lots are an incredibly important part of the overall parking "picture" in any municipality.  Proper pricing of on-street and lot-based parking increases the availability of a "spot when you need it, where you need it."

The Sentry Lot System builds on the technology in the Sentry Meters to offer kiosk-controlled lots in two flavors:  "Open Lot" and "Gated Lot".

The MPS Gated Lot technology has no equal anywhere in the industry.  By using gate-based LPR cameras, permitted parkers are automatically let into and out of the lot, while transient parkers are presented with appropriate rates and payment is collected automatically. 

As with all MPS solutions, the Sentry Lot solution includes full access to SentryLink cloud-based management portal.  SentryLink allows you to view the current state of your lots, monitor gate status in real-time and to remotely control gates for special events.

The Sentry Lot system excels at situations that can be impossible for other lot systems to handle:  Temporary "PIN" codes for special classes, discounts for visitors, special access codes for rental car companies... These are just of few of the challenging situations accommodated by the Sentry Lot System.