Sentry Parking Meters

The Foundation of an Amazing Parking System.


It all started with the world's most technically advanced parking meter: The Sentry Parking meter.  The Sentry meter increases customer engagement, provides real-time feedback to everyone in the Municipality, and increases parking compliance and turnover. 

Parkers interact with the Sentry meter by using a large, well-lit touch screen display.  Unlike many competitive systems, the Sentry display is just as easily read at night as it is in broad daylight.  The Sentry meter also includes foreign language translations (not just the on-screen text, but talks to the parker via the audio playback as well), and handicap parker assistance.

The Sentry meter utilizes two patented detection methods to avoid the false detections inherent in traditional solutions.  Indicator lights make the current status of the car in each spot very clear.

The Sentry meter can be setup in your municipality in multiple configurations:  One meter per spot, one meter for two spaces, and a multi-space configuration where one meter can cover 30+ spaces.

Each Sentry meter is permanently connected to low voltage power, broadband, and to the cloud-based SentryLink management system.  Because of this permanent power connection, Sentry meters are not plagued with the headache and expense of routine battery replacement.


The Sentry meter contains multiple means of handling payments.  Each Sentry meter includes a tamper-proof coin jar and can be configured to accept U.S. and Canadian coins in whatever denominations are acceptable to the municipality.  "Coin Jar Nearing Full" alerts are automatically sent to the appropriate staff in your municipality, and the main SentryLink and SentryView dashboards allow you to see the current state of coin jar capacity of every meter at any time.

Each Sentry meter also includes a tamper-proof encrypted credit card reader.  Credit card transactions are accepted, validated, and cleared in real-time, not batched.  The MPS Credit Card reader utilizes immediate encryption - card numbers are encrypted by the reader and sent directly to the processor in an encrypted transmission.  The Sentry Meter never obtains, logs,  or persists credit card numbers.

In addition to coins and credit cards, the Sentry Meter can accept payment via the SentryMobile consumer application (available on Android and IOS).

If your municipality makes use of permit cards (perhaps for municipal employees or permitted parkers in dense areas), the Sentry Meter can accept permit cards to validate parking - thus easing parking and permit enforcement.

Perhaps most importantly, the Sentry parking system is a fully integrated and Real-Time component of your security infrastructure:  Every event that happens on the street is instantly communicated to the main SentryLink municipality system. 

The amount of new compelling features are too many to list here.  Contact a MPS sales representative for a complete list of the myriad of features Sentry contains.

MPS Sentry Meter

MPS Sentry Meter

The Sentry meter is as at-home on a boiling-hot side street as it is in a freezing cold main street.