REAL-TIME reporting and analysis

The MPS SentryView Dashboard reporting system gives the staff at your Municipality or organization an unprecedented view into your parking and payment related activity.  Even just a quick login to your main SentryView dashboard each day will provide you with more information than you can possibly ever obtain from other solutions.  Parking session durations, compliance revenue, and coin versus credit-card revenue are just some of the many useful pieces of information you can glean from just one dashboard visit.

Large Volumes of Information Presented in Useful Formats

All of the information provided by a real-time parking system such as the MPS Sentry Parking System can result in "analysis paralysis" if the information isn't presented in a useful way.  The SentryView dashboard system gives you dozens of graphs, summaries, a report builder, and data visualization tools to ensure that you have the information you need without drowning in details.


Sophisticated Reporting and Data Export

In addition to the numerous graphs and visual presentations of the data important to you, the SentryView system has a fully-featured report builder.  You can "slice and dice" your data using numerous important selection criteria:  Want to look at just a specific geographic area?  How about only short or long parking sessions?  Only sessions that had violations?  All of these selection criteria, and more, are easily accessed from the SentryView reporting system.

Solid Security Auditing

Knowing what your staff is doing, and ensuring they are following established security protocols is critically important.  The MPS Sentry Parking System includes a write-only audit trail that records all important security-impacting events such as Coin Jar collection, meter maintenance, Lot Gate Overrides, and more.