The MPS Vision for Your Municipality

The Sentry parking system was not designed to be a better parking meter.  

That trivial challenge is better left to existing industry players.  Sentry was designed from the ground-up to take on the present and future challenges of smart cities.  Parking of course, but also public safety and security as well as community messaging.  The team at MPS also realizes that the parking needs of most municipalities and organizations are not being well met.  Metrics about low compliance do not lie.  The parking industry is not so much an industry as it is a fragmented jumble of outdated tools and crusty technologies.  We realize that you don't need or want a pile of products that comes with financial and integration headaches - you need a total system solution!


we Provide You With the Total Parking Solution

There is absolutely no part of your parking challenge that MPS cannot handle.  We have created a tightly-integrated and real-time solution that covers the entirety of your parking needs:

  • No Up-Front Financing challenges
  • Pre-installation site surveys
  • Installation
    • Sentry Meters
    • Gated Lots
    • Open Lots
    • SafetySticks
  • Training
  • No/Low Maintenance -
    • You empty coin jars, that's it
    • 24x7 remote monitoring by MPS Network Operation Center
  • No shocking monthly cellular bills
  • Integration with your existing systems
  • Payment processing and Dispute resolution
  • Management Reporting

In short, if it has to do with parking, MPS has you covered!

Inventing The Future

Inventing The Future

We Ensure that You Remain an Innovative Organization

The team at MPS is never content to rest with the state of technology today - no matter how advanced.  We are committed to continually improving, refining, and enhancing our technology so that our customers remain at the forefront of providing benefit to Parkers, Merchants, and Public Safety.  We constantly listen to our customers and develop new products that meet their needs in innovative ways.

We are also innovating in the area of systems integration, and that benefits you by ensuring your systems remain up-to-date and capable.  Some examples of benefits that you receive from the leading-edge engineering work at MPS:

  • Utilizing a secure system with end-to-end encryption at all levels
  • MPS ensures our systems are regularly penetration tested
  • Integration with the U.S. Amber Alert database brings public safety information to your meters in real time
  • Fully-capable and documented API (Application Program Interface) ensures we can communicate with your partners
  • Integration with U.S. Weather data brings real-time weather displays to your parkers in real time
  • Cloud-based systems reduce hardware costs to your municipality and eliminate the need for on-site server space


We Allow You to Honor Your Existing Promises and Commitments

Many of our competitors take a heavy-handed "all or nothing" approach to managing your parking assets.  At MPS we will work within whatever constraints exist within your municipality.  Already have a long-term parking contract with another management firm?  We can integrate with their systems to allow you to gain the benefits of the Sentry Parking System as soon as possible.  Have a mix of high-use and low-use parking situations that other vendors won't touch?  The Sentry Parking System by MPS can work with our new meters and with your legacy meters - again allowing you to increase compliance and provide the benefits of our technology to a large group of parkers immediately.