Eco Smart Parking Reimagined.


Solutions for Every Stakeholder



No parking system provides more benefit to parkers.  From our "touchless" Concierge Parking system to Consumer wayfinding and payment apps, coupons, and Frequent Parker programs, the Sentry System makes parkers lives easier and less stressful.

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Merchants benefit from access to real-time communication to parkers and traffic data surrounding their stores,  on-street advertising, and the ability to form solid relationships with their parking customers.

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Public Safety

From powerful, industry unique, public safety tools to Amber Alerts to audio/video parking assistance, E-911 calls, the Sentry Parking System gives Public Safety officers the tools they need to keep the city safe.

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Municipalities & Universities

The fully-integrated and real-time Sentry parking system ensures that all of the parking resources in your city are being used in the most effective manner possible.

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We do real-time communications in actual real-time.


be a visionary

A new vision for your city.

Imagine an automated future where you can communicate with all of the parkers on the street at any time.  Imagine using congestion-based parking to dynamically encourage parkers to park at the most appropriate places at the most appropriate times.

Imagine the reduced congestion and pollution in your city as parkers are directed using no latency way-finding to spaces open right now (versus minutes ago) on their mobile applications.

Imagine the ability for parkers to reserve spaces, have different pricing for veterans, merchants, neighborhood residents.

Imagine the enhanced parker experience of automatic no-touch payments with MPS Concierge. 

Imagine being able to truly know how your city is performing - knowing how to maximize your parking resources - and having the ability to make changes quickly and easily.

The future is here and can be yours today with the Sentry Parking System from MPS.